Appendix E: Release Notes [Enterprise]


19.06.0 (2019.6.4)

Bug Fixes

  • ImageTool (DIMS): Unncessary Orientation settings required in ByOriginal
  • Web Management: Missing ByOriginal settings in duplicated Virtual Hosts

19.05.0 (2019.5.9)

Feature/Policy Change

  • ImageTool(DIMS): Image orientation added in ByOriginal configuration

Bug Fix

  • Unintended termination from GeoIP2 settings (GeoIP2 does not support database file overwriting)

19.04.0 (2019.4.11)

Feature/Policy Updates
  • Configurable disk cleaning policy
  • Improved config reloading API response
  • HTTPS: Improved logging for certificate settings
Bug Fixes
  • Web Management: System setting malfunction in English language
  • Web Management: Memory graph error in English language (showing a negative value)
  • Web Management: Disk setting graphing error in English language
  • HTTPS: Unintended termination from unsupported certificate key files

19.03.0 (2019.3.13)

Feature/Policy Update
  • HTTPS: Supports TLS v1.3
Bug Fixes
  • WM: Missing empty value input for header modification
  • SNI-based HTTPS: Missing different protocol config for each certificate

19.02.0 (2019.2.11)

Feature/Policy Updates
  • ImageTool(DIMS): quality option added for converting formats
  • ImageTool(DIMS): max quality option
  • Logging: image conversion included
  • Origin request header modification: client request header value to add
Bug Fixes
  • Unintended termination from >50 origin servers
  • Web Management: SNI configuration reset from HTTPS certificate clustering

19.01.0 (2019.1.16)

Feature/Policy Update
  • Supports GeoIP2
Bug Fix
  • ImageTool(DIMS): image quality degradation from WebP reformatting


18.9.2 (2018.9.12)

Bug Fix

  • HTTPS: Infrequent disconnection

18.9.1 (2018.9.7)

Bug Fix

  • Infrequent extra transaction time in some system environment

18.9.0 (2018.9.3)

Feature/Policy Updates

  • Improved HTTPS performance
  • ECDSA certificate support for HTTPS
  • Expires headers: Max-Age option from the origin
  • Origin HTTPS transaction support

18.08.0 (2018.8.8)

Feature/Policy Updates

  • Client Request/Response Header Modification: request header values added to the responses
  • DIMS: Content-Type header values matching to the converted image formats

18.07.0 (2018.7.10)

Feature/Policy Updates

  • DIMS: Supports WebP
  • Supports Via headers for passed-through (bypassed) responses

Bug Fixes

  • DIMS: Optimize malfunction from ByOriginal config
  • WM: some missing values from cluster duplication
  • Unintended termination while file indexing and deleting

18.05.1 (2018.5.29)

Feature/Policy Updates

  • HLS: Improved key frame interval compatibility



Bug Fix

  • Potential 304 response from the very first caching in case of “orlater” config for If-Modified-Since header processing

18.05.0 (2018.5.15)

  • Supports HTTP If-Range headers in client/origin requests
  • Supports conditional configuration on If-Modified-Since value
  • Supports HTTP-PUT requests pass-through (bypass) to origin servers

18.04.0 (2018.4.26)

Feature/Policy Update

  • DIMS: Supports annotation


Change of versioning from STON Edge Server v2.5.13

  • CDN - follows the same versioning such as v2.5.14
  • Enterprise - follows the calendar versioning such as v.18.04.0