Appendix B: Cacti Monitoring

This appendix will explain how to set up monitoring of multiple instances of STON using Cacti’s Graph Tree. The following two prerequisites are required.

Adding Templates

Using the Host Template provided by STON, the monitoring environment can easily be set up (download).


Select [Import Templates].


Import cacti_host_template_ston.xml.

Device Registration

Register STON as a Cacti device.


Select [Devices].


Click the [Add] button in the [Devices] menu.


Fill in the device options.

  1. Input the name used for STON.
  2. Input STON’s IP address.
  3. Select “STON”.
  4. Select “Public”.
  5. Input the default port of 161.

Click the “Create” button to engage the device.


Engaged successfully.


Engagement error.


If the SNMP engagement fails:

  • Check STON to make sure SNMP is enabled.
  • Check to see if the SNMP port number matches STON’s SNMP port number.

If the device engagement succeeds, you can use 18 different types of graph provided by the STON template.


Click “Create Graphs for this Host”.


There are 18 types of graphs provided.

Click the [Create] button and check the graphs that were created.


The graphs have been created.

Graph Tree Creation

Create Graph Trees.


Select [Graph Trees].


Click the [Add] button on the right side.


Create Graph Trees.

You can add STON to the Graph Tree.


Click the [Add] button in the [Tree Items] menu.


Select the [Tree Items] options.

  1. Select “Host”.
  2. Select the devices you will add.
  3. Select “Graph Template”.

Graph Check

Select [Graphs] in the upper left side to check if the graphs are displaying correctly.


Check regularly that the graphs are showing properly.